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We field tested the curriculum on over two hundred academic book projects from a variety of disciplines, and have tried to ensure the “What to Expect” and “Troubleshooting” sections of each chapter address the most common issues and challenges authors experience while completing the activities. That said, no one general curriculum can address all possible issues. If you’re struggling with a particular exercise, want reassurance you’re on the right track, or need clarification on a particular issue, email us (

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We offer several workshops at institutions and conferences. Learn more on our workshops page.

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Allison offers individual coaching, materials review, and ongoing support. Learn more about her book audits and other services. Katelyn is not able to offer individual coaching or ongoing support at this time, though she is always happy to answer questions arising from the workbook by email.

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Our main goal is to freely offer resources to demystify academic book publishing. We’ve published a ton of free blog articles with advice and information, and we make workshop and round table replays available for free when possible. Check out our resources page for more!

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